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Hakuho dispels the problem of advancing and retreating.

Yokozuna Hakuho (36) = Miyagino = who has closed 6 places in a row has won 10 consecutive victories from the first day to eliminate the problem of advancement and retreat.

Overwhelming the 5th Oki Islands (35) = octagon = in the east front. President Hachikaku (former Yokozuna Hokutoumi) commented, “Hakuho is perfect. I think he can afford it. I think either (Hakuho or Terunofuji) will win.” It has taken on an appearance.

Yokozuna Kakuryu once participated in the first place of 2018 after four consecutive holidays, and won 10 consecutive victories from the first day. Although he lost four games in a row, Chiakiraku defeated Hakuho and escaped from the crisis with 11 wins, and retired three years later this spring.

Although Hakuho has been advised by the Yokotsuna Deliberation Committee to be the second heaviest “caution” after his retirement recommendation, there is a precedent for Tsururyu, and it will not be a problem after the place.

On the other hand, what is starting to become a problem is the awkwardness of other wrestlers, who have been resting for a long time and have no teeth.

Before the initiative on the 10th, Shibatayama Public Relations Manager (former Yokozuna Ohnokuni) said, “Hakuho also has plenty of room. What’s going on? Both of them shouldn’t have enough training, but what are they doing? “

“Even if I lose, I’m moving around, I’m losing offense and defense. I don’t sweat in my hands. (Other Ozeki and Sekiwake) everyone is doing their best to protect their seats. That’s not the case. “



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