In 2020, the Washington Football Team dropped its former name. Now, after almost 19 months, the organization will announce a new team name and identity on Wednesday, Feb. 2. The George Washington University has a leading sport management expert available to discuss topics related to the rebrand.

Lisa Delpy Neirotti, an associate professor of sport management, can discuss the research and time that goes into a new brand identity. She can also comment on licensing, merchandise, and other marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

From Lisa:
“The Washington Football Team fans have a love-hate relationship with the team.  Every year there is built up excitement, then disappointment. Over the years the number of hard core fans who remain enthusiastic and continue to support the team win or lose has declined. The rebranding offers a fresh start and new chapter to the franchise.  It’s an opportunity to not only re-engage loyalists but to attract younger fans. The road ahead won’t be easy and will require a consistent message of service to fans and community. Even though the front office is close to 90% new, for many the bad taste of the current owner and the continual negative news stories are difficult to forget.  As with any sports team, however, winning cures all. In addition to the new brand, there needs to be a competitive winning team on the field. You can put a shiny new uniform on any player but unless the player performs, no one will really care.”