One tweet, one tweet, that’s what Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman needed to disprove Nikkei rumors of a blood pressure sensor in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. Your sources should be at your fingertips. is certain if the refusal was so brutal.

Nikkei yesterday affirmed the possibility of this sensor, saying its inclusion was one of the causes of the possible delay in its launch. Gurman supported this possible delay with information from his own sources, but did not mention the existence of a blood pressure sensor.

Blood, the challenge of the Apple Watch for its next generations

Including this sensor, it seems, is a very difficult task for engineers at Apple Park. We have long had rumors about whether we would see a non-invasive blood glucose monitor, something that would make the lives of diabetics much more comfortable. Apple even raised it in a poll.

With or without these sensors, the truth is, the Apple Watch Series 7 is just around the corner. In all likelihood, we’ll see it during the rumored event this month, which we should receive official confirmation soon and which we will offer you a live follow-up.