Rumors that Google is preparing its first smartwatch with Wear OS have been with us for years, although in recent months they have intensified after leaking its design, screens and some of its specifications and details, such as the assistant of latest generation or the possible Exynos processor.

Everything seems almost ready for the announcement of Google’s first smartwatch: all that’s missing is the date of its presentation. Jon Prosser’s sources now have a tentative first date: Thursday, May 26.

Pixel Watch for May

We know that Google sometimes takes its time to prepare the presentation of devices that have been leaking – excessively – for months, in addition to sometimes not hesitating to postpone the date. We must therefore take the possible presentation date of the Pixel Watch with caution: May 26, 2022.

There are still 121 days to go until this Thursday, and until then anything can happen, but for now this is the first date we hear about what will be Google’s first smartwatch, if not. there are no surprises. The device has leaked several times, with a rather minimalist design.

The Google I/O event usually takes place in May, which could be a good showcase for announcing the company’s first smartwatch and the implications for Wear OS it will have for developers. After all, it will be a nice boost for Wear OS, the Android system that, ironically, even Google is pulling apps from. Google will have to convince developers that it’s worth making apps compatible with their first watch.

Some Pixel Watch details have leaked, like the next-gen Google Assistant (built-in and doesn’t require a connection), with an Exynos processor (maybe the Exynos W920 from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or maybe the one of its own like the Pixel Tensor), with Android 12, Material You and integration with FitBit. Now we just have to wait.

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