Google has produced an awesome interactive Doodle to commemorate the opening of the Tokyo Olympics: The game, which is now available, mixes the 8-bit RPG with different Olympic events. And it can be played perfectly on mobile.

Large dates and ephemeris usually have a commemoration in the form of a Google Doodle, a change in the coverage of the search engine that usually adapts its logo to the theme being celebrated. Usually it is an image, sometimes an animation as well. And, on very rare occasions, Google develops a game that you can enjoy just by visiting their search page. The Pac-Man or Halloween are two of the most legendary, but they have been passed: the Doodle of the Olympic Games is a true marvel.

Japanese culture, anime, 8-bit RPG and seven Olympic disciplines

The control of the game is that usual with Elaborate Doodles: you can use the keyboard and mouse if you’re playing from the desktop, although it’s on the smartphone screen that you get the most out of it. Touch control contributes to this: in the current game, the left part of the screen is used to control our character; the right part is the action button.

The story behind the Olympics Doodle takes place in medieval Japan in true classic RPG style. Similar in cut to an original Zelda or Final Fantasy, the Doodle loads directly from the browser to not only offer exploration, dialogue and Japanese mythology, it also offers sports where you can give your all while beating your opponents.

Our protagonist (the Lucky cat) will land on the Island of the Olympic Games and will have to defeat seven opponents in these respective seven sports (table tennis, skateboarding, archery, rugby, synchronized swimming, climbing and marathon). To do this, you will need to locate the tests on the island by exploring it in true 8-bit RPG style, including graphics.

Talking with the characters that roam the island is essential, as well as moving around the entire available area. And the practice of sport is not exempt from experience, that there are seven events to play. In addition, we can choose a team that is currently competing at the world level: blue, red, green or yellow. Google’s colors, wow.

Doodle Champion Island Games is the name of the Google game available from today. Load directly from the search engine homepage and it will be available forever at that web address. Take advantage and celebrate the grand opening with the Olympic Games Doodle: Google has created the best game yet.