By 2022, it is expected that devices and TVs based on [Android TV y Google TV](Android TV and Google TV: how they’re similar and how they’re different) update to Android 12 to get some exciting news, but it looks like the latter, devices with the Google Personalization layer, will get more soon news through the Play Store.

In an effort to deliver the best experience on your home screen, we found out how Google plans to launch at least three new features on its Chromecast with Google TV and TVs from Sony, TCL, and Hisense. Future developments are as follows:

“Restricted mode” for Google TV

The novelties were discovered in the source code of the Google TV launcher application in its version 1.0.4233. One of the first novelties will be the “restricted mode”. This mode, already present in the YouTube or YouTube Music application, will allow the user to prevent the display of adult content on the home screen, disabling autoplay, but according to the description of this option , this will only affect free content.

Enable it to restrict instant read content with adult themes. This only applies to free previews and free movies and shows with ads. You will need to use your PIN to unlock this setting.

There’s also a reference to “hidden movies and shows” that would allow users to hide home screen content, but it’s unclear if it will tie into the already existing kids’ profile.

“My list” in child profiles

In March 2021, Child Profiles arrived on Google TV, but only in the United States. Almost a year later, we are still waiting in the rest of the planet. The second novelty is in said profile for children, since it will allow the little ones in the house to have their own list with their favorite series and films and what they want to see.

“Google TV Channels”

At the end of this year, we saw that in the United States, Google TV was also going to offer free channels thanks to its integration with Pluto TV. Well, references to “Google TV Channels” appear in the source code. Google is rumored to be adding its own free channels to complement Pluto TV’s offering and future services that will start “streaming” on Google TV.

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