Google has been adapting all of its apps to the new Android 12 design, colloquially known as Material You, for some time now. Google Translate’s revamp has been in the works for a while, but now it seems to be activating for all users, whether or not they have a Google Pixel and don’t need the latest version of Android. .

Over time, Google Translate’s interface had become somewhat dated, reminiscent of Lollipop’s original Material Design. The redesign gives a whole new look to the translator and modifies the menus, even adopting a new gesture to quickly access the history.

The translator disguises himself as Material You

New design reaches all sections including “Tap to translate” and settings

It’s finally Google Translate’s turn to renew its interface with the new Material You design. In Android 12 this means that the colors of the interface are changed according to the wallpaper you have at the time, but in previous versions of Android – although the colors are still the same – this also changes drastically.

For starters, the hamburger menu disappears, which was still available in the translator despite having already disappeared from almost all Google apps. Instead, you need to tap on your profile picture to open the settings menu and manage downloaded languages. Saved transcripts are now very accessible by tapping the star icon, and history is just a swipe away: swipe down.

The interface redesign involves larger text, colored buttons and a permanent button for pasting text from the clipboard and applies to all translation screens, from the main window to settings to the Tap to Translate floating window.

This renewal has been in testing for some time and it seems that now they are so happy with the result in Google that it has started to be activated for everyone. You’ll need to update to the latest version to ensure it reaches you, although the final word is in server-side tuning.

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