The biggest issue that Android devices have against Apple devices is their updates. While most manufacturers offer three years of Android updates in their high range, we see how Apple offers up to seven years of updates.

For many Android users, these three years of updates have already failed, because they see how a mobile phone that still has the power to last more years becomes obsolete, and Google, which should lead by example, seems like it’s not going to give it away, already which in a recent statement reported that three years of updates still provide a “great experience”.

For Google, three years of Android updates are enough

In the “Google is forcing me to throw away a perfectly good phone” opinion piece posted on VICE by editor Aaron Gordon, he exposes this problem that he and many owners of a Pixel 3, whose latest patch has arrived. a few weeks ago, it encountered more Android updates and security patches, while this three-year-old phone still has the technical specifications to last at least a few more years.

Aaron Gordon says his Pixel 3 still meets his needs, and he doesn’t want to spend the $600 the Pixel 6 costs, but planned obsolescence will cause him to get rid of his Pixel 3 so he can buy a new Pixel to continue receiving new versions of Android updates, new Google-exclusive features, and important security updates.

The article’s author contacted Google via email to inquire about why Google had stopped releasing more updates to their Pixel 3, and a Google spokesperson’s response was, “We have noticed that three years of security and operating system updates still give users a great experience for their device.

As we can see, for Google, three years of updates is all about delivering a “great experience” on their devices. With the arrival of the Pixel 6, Google extended security updates to five years but kept Android updates to three years when many of us hoped that by using its own processor it would would also offer five years of updates to new versions of Android to approach excellent Apple support.

We hope that Google will change its mind and extend the years of Android updates in its new Pixels in the very near future to offer the new Android versions for more years, because most users want to receive news and improvements for many years. .

The Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL released in 2019 will be the next to miss new updates. Its update term ends next May, so starting this month, Google will only release updates for the Pixel 4.

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