After several half-measures integrating similar functionalities in other applications, such as Google Kepp, Gmail or Calendar, Google decided to launch an application dedicated to the management of tasks in 2018. Google Tasks or Google Tasks was born and it has been integrated with other two old acquaintances. (already mentioned) like Gmail or Google Calendar.

Con la clara intención de plantar cara a pesos pesados ​​del mundo de la management de tareas como Wunderlist o Microsoft To Do, Tareas de Google aterrizó con una interfaz muy sencilla y con buen diseño, y con funcionalidades algo recortadas que han ido aumentando con el paso time. Now Google Tasks is adding something to get closer to To Do: Featured Tasks.

Featured tasks with their own tab

As we said, Google Tasks or Google Tasks is already anticipating changes in its latest beta version for Android. If a few weeks ago we saw the new tabs arriving in the app, now Google Tasks is preparing to allow the highlighting of certain tasks. So that we can mark them as important and that they have their placeholder within the app, so that they are located.

With the arrival of this new function, Google Tasks will also integrate a new tab, the Featured, under which all the tasks that we have marked like this will be included by tapping the aforementioned star on the right side. It’s a simple change but one that will help to have the most important tasks at hand, and a new feature in common with Microsoft To Do, perhaps inviting its users to try the Google alternative.

Unfortunately, this new feature is still stuck in the beta of Google Tasks for Android and we don’t know when it will be available to the general public. We remind you that Google Tasks, like the rest of the company’s apps, is always free and we can easily find it on Google Play, the Android app store.

Google Tasks

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