One of the best apps for creating to-do lists that we can find on our Android devices is Google Tasks, an app launched in 2018 that the company updates virtually every month with general improvements and bug fixes, but for more than a year . year that has not received any news so far.

In recent days, the Google Tasks application for Android has been activated via its latest update, and gradually, its first redesign, updating its interface to facilitate switching between lists.


This is the new interface of Google Tasks

Google Tasks allows us to have multiple task lists, but until now it has not been comfortable or fast to switch between lists. We had to click on the menu icon in the bottom navigation bar to see all of our lists, then click on a to-do list to open it. Now, with its new interface, it’s easier and faster.

Now Google Tasks displays all of the task lists in tabs, so with just a glance and just sliding your finger on the tab bar, you see all of our created task lists, and just clicking on a tab, we will move quickly from one list to another.

This is the most significant update that Google Tasks has received in almost two years, clearly showing that Google is still betting on this task app focused primarily on Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business users. For normal users, they can create their to-do lists from Google Keep, a recently updated app with background images to personalize notes.

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