We knew that Google was preparing a tab of offers for Google Play, although with tests you never know: they may disappear without a trace or end up being activated for everyone. Google has just confirmed the second: Google Play will have a fifth tab for offers.

Google Play will start activating this new pestaña in the next week and for doing it, hopefully it will bring the world to the next moment of 2022. test.

where four is five

Until now, Google Play’s bottom bar had four tabs: Games, Apps, Movies, and Books (in addition to the possible Play Pass, if you’re a subscriber). A new tab is on the way and it will also be placed in the center: Offers.

Although the offers have been on Google Play for many years, they are currently a bit scattered all over the place: they are intertwined in the listings and sometimes they are collected in lists. The new deals tab will focus on exactly that: discounted apps and games.

Some of the items you’ll find there are discounted apps and games (including in-app purchases), special offers like free shipping, discounted books and movies, and 30-day trial apps.

This tab will be released in the next few weeks in the United States, India and Indonesia and will arrive in the rest of the world at an unknown time in 2022. Updating Google Play to the latest version will help, when the time comes, but it does not guarantee the change since it will be activated in phases and by country, on the server side.

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