In recent weeks, Google has been improving its application store for Android, launching a new interface with Material You ( android-12-asi -se-ve-material-you) in devices updated to Android 12 and a drastic change to its web version, but here it looks like the changes will not stay.

It looks like the Google Play Store is adding a new tab to its bottom navigation menu, a new deals section that will have all the promotions in one place, and that would be totally different from the current deals section.

This would be the new section Offers

According to the 9to5Google account, the new Deals section has started showing up with a very small number of users, which could be a new section that Google would test before launching for everyone.

Left and center: section current offers | Right: New offers tab

From the only screenshot published, this new Offers section would be totally different from the “Offers and notifications” section that appears by clicking on our profile. While in “Offers and notifications” we see the offers associated with our account, such as a discount of one or two euros for the next purchase or free items of one of our games, in the new “Offers” tab we would see suggestions with offers on apps and games that we might like. Maybe also on movies and books although they do not appear in the capture.

This new section of offers appears between the apps and movies tabs, increasing the navigation menu to five tabs for everyone. So far, only users who have activated Google Play Pass have a five-tab menu. For these latter users, it is not known whether they will have six tabs or the Play Pass section will change places.

As this new tab is in the testing phase, it is not known when it will reach the whole world. Perhaps Google will take advantage of the week of Black Friday 2021 to launch its week of offers in this new section. We’ll need to update Google Play to the latest version to make sure we receive this news when it officially launches.

Via | 9to5Google
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