Android 12 is already in its final stages before its final release, with the fourth beta in circulation and awaiting the RC version or release candidate. And while that is happening, Google is updating its ecosystem to accommodate the new operating system. Something that should happen in September, although we may have a surprise.

If the latest news we have had in terms of applications came from the hand of Chrome, which is already adapting to the dynamic design of Android 12 in its beta version, it is now the turn of Google Play Games. The application that contains the Google Play games catalog is already integrated into one of the features from Android 12: game mode.


Game mode and active game panel

The game mode reached Android 12 via the third beta of the operating system, although it was anticipated days before by Google itself. Android 12’s game mode introduced an API in the operating system that could be activated from the games themselves and allowed most of the phone’s resources to be focused on the game in question. A sort of performance mode similar to the one already mounted by several proprietary layers of the Google ecosystem.

Google Play Games is now adapting to this new game mode of Android 12 and the integration has been chased in version 2021.07.28850 of the application which is already released via Google Play. With this integration, the Google Play Games widget already warns us that a game is compatible with the new mode from the phone’s own desktop and also when opening it, so that we can activate it.

On top of that, Google Play Games integrates with the Android 12 games panel, so a single tap on the desktop widget will take us to the page that has our achievements, trophies, leaderboards and other setup and profile tabs. While it looks like it will only be available for certain games, XDA developers detected it in SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom. Thus, developers are gradually adapting their titles.

Via | XDA Developers