Google has decided to port its Photos widget from iOS to Android. With the latest app update, Android users can add an attractive widget to their desktop with the ability to adapt the size. Thanks to this item, the best memories of Google Photos will be displayed.

As much as Google pays more attention to Android, its mobile operating system is not in vain, it sometimes happens that it offers more features to certain iOS applications. For example, Google’s own app features fun pinball, a game that hasn’t hit Android yet. And it was the same with Google Photos widgets, at least until now. Yes, they are already available for our operating system.

2×1 widget that can be scaled

In iOS, Google Photos has three widgets: a small square, a rectangular, and a third also square in shape, although much larger. On the other hand, with the move to Android, the Google widget only enabled the 2×1 square element. Of course, you don’t need more.

As published in XDA Developers, the latest update of Google Photos for Android integrates the widget with the best memories saved in the gallery. Named so as “Your Memories”, the widget will highlight on the desktop the most important photos that are on the reel. All without the slightest complication: add the widget from the selector (long press on a free spot on the desktop until the menu appears) and drag it to the location of your choice.

There is only one Google Photos widget, the 2×1. However, and once placed, you can resize the element by dragging either side after holding the widget down. The image of the interior perfectly matches any ratio you want. And with rounded corners, in the style of Android 12.

The Google Photos widget started showing up with the latest version of the Android app, number (released August 2). It does not appear on all mobiles and accounts, its deployment is gradual. We were able to add it to an Android 11 (OnePlus Nord 2) and Android 12 (Google Pixel 4a). It should reach the majority of users.

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