Despite the fact that dozens of models continue to hit the market each year, and each time with more power, durability and better maintenance by their manufacturers, there is little doubt that Android tablet stock has long been “abandoned” by officials. for the operating system. Google emphasized Android tablets years ago, even bringing versions that sought to exploit them like Honeycomb.

But now, however, it looks like Google is reviving its interest in Android tablets after a period where the company’s sole commitment to large formats began on the ChromeOS side since the last Pixel C 7 years ago. They tell it from 9to5Google following various moves within Google such as the creation of the new “Android Tablets” initiative that its team is already inventing.

Promote Android tablets by collaborating with manufacturers

Recently, Google even launched a new version of Android 12 created to take advantage of large diagonal screens, seeking to squeeze a booming mobile folding sector that won’t be so strange in the years to come. But this Android 12L will also bring benefits to tablets in different aspects such as productivity. However, it looks like this new initiative is going straight to tablets and stuck in Android.

Google has posted a new job posting to find a new “senior engineering manager” who has “experience with Android tablet apps”, and their job posting states the following:

“We believe the future of computing is moving towards more powerful and capable tablets. We are working to deliver the next chapter of computing and typing by launching ongoing support across our platforms and experiences of heroes who unlock new and better ways to be productive and creative.”

The North American company is resuming its interest in the stock of Android tablets, which it now considers to be one of the pillars of computing of the future. One only has to take a look at the current panorama to verify that we have increasingly powerful, capable and versatile devices, and Google now wants to do its part on the operating system side. For now, or so it seems, there’s no point in going back to tablets in the Pixel line.

The job posting itself makes it clear that the position will focus on working with OEMs, with Android tablet makers. From this “Android Tablets” initiative, “the long-term direction, strategy and roadmap for Android tablets will be promoted.” So it looks like at least for now we’ll have to wait to see a Pixel tablet again. will be one again in the future.

Through | 9to5Google