The other day we saw how iMessages reactions came to Google Messages now, we discovered two of the new features that Google is preparing for the default messaging and chatting (RCS) application of many devices. Google Messages will soon release a new interface and integration with Google Photos.

Future news from Google Messages has been filtered through the latest version of the app. Hidden in its source code are the new features that 9to5Google managed to activate to share its details and screenshots.

These are the next two new features of Google Messages

The last time Google redesigned the Messages app was last October with the launch of Android 12, giving the interface a facelift with Material You. But now we know that Google is preparing a new redesign.

The famous hamburger menu ☰ that Google has been removing from most of its applications for a few years will surprise Google Messages. In future updates, we’ll find a new sidebar that will include options for Featured, Archived, Spam & Blocked, Device Pairing, Choose Topic, Mark All Read, and in the US the possibility to make a donation via SMS.

In the search bar we will see how for the first time the Google account is integrated with Google Messages showing the typical options to manage your Google account, access help, enter the settings of Messages or as a novelty, see your saved data in Messages.

This integration of the Google account with Google Messages, in addition to facilitating synchronization with the desktop web version, also seems to be due to the upcoming integration with Google Photos. Last November, it was leaked that it would be possible to text videos via Google Photos links. Now we also know that you can also send photos from Google Photos via a link. With this integration, Google will ensure that users share photos and videos via SMS in better quality, since the quality is significantly reduced by an SMS.

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