In August 2020, Google created the Pixel Superfans pilot program, an exclusive Facebook group for its users residing in the United States, more superfans have benefits such as question and answer sessions, private events or giveaways such as the latest pack the company sent to a lucky few.

This week, Google sent some of its Pixel Superfans a box that included a Nest Audio speaker, Pixel 6 socks, and a coloring book, and it was in this book that Google confirmed the Pixel 6a name.

The Pixel 6a appears in Google’s coloring book

@Timotato randomly received a package from Google today for being a super fan?

— Alex Simon (@Bigjew92) January 26, 2022

The coloring book that Google has given away allows its users to paint some of the latest Google products, such as the Pixel 6, Chromecast with Google TV, Google Audio, Nest Doorbell or Nest Cam, among other devices, but a device appears that has not yet been officially announced: the Pixel 6a.

The so far leaked Pixel 6a appears with its name on the last pages of the book, on page 16, where it lists in a list the Google devices that appear on each of the pages. As we see in the image above, on pages 6 and 7, he points out that a Nest Thermostat and a Pixel 6a appear in the drawing. This page also includes a QR code that takes us to the website, an online version for coloring more designs.

If we go to pages 6 and 7 of the book, we discover that only a Nest Hub and the Nest Thermostat appear. There is no trace of the Pixel 6a.

Google could have mistakenly written the Pixel 6a name in this coloring book, or they were going to ship this book after the Pixel 6a launched and forgot to remove the name from the listing. But Google starts by promoting its Pixel 6a so that people start talking about it, thus confirming its name.

The latest leak puts the Pixel 6a presentation next May, probably during Google I/O 2022. The Pixel 6a would be a cheaper version of the Pixel 6, with a smaller model and with some trimmed features, like the camera main, although it is rumored to feature the same Google Tensor processor.

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