Google is struggling to find stability in a sector like messaging and video calling. There aren’t a few apps that have been born and died over the years without Google finding a product that satisfies them, but it looks like Google Meet is making its way into the company’s catalog. Of course, at the expense of Hangouts.

Now, after an interesting battery of improvements that landed in July, Google has announced an interesting improvement for Meet that will surely make life easier for many users. The video call platform will alert us whenever it detects annoying resonances during the video call. That is, Google Meet will notify us when the video call rings.

Google detects the echo and tells us how to eliminate it

While Meet already has an internal feature that removes noise and echo from video calls, the truth is, not all echoes can be removed using software. This new feature therefore tries to get users to improve the quality of video calls if this echo is produced by us, for example by placing the microphone too close to the computer speaker.

Although Meet will not eliminate this echo on its own, the app will detect when it occurs and notify us by means of a red dot on the screen, indicating that we need to go to the help center of the application. There, Google Meet will notify us that it echoes and give us some tips so that we can resolve it quickly.

Google Meet’s new echo detection feature won’t be limited to paid workspace users like in the past, but will be available to all users. Google warns that this echo detection is already reaching normal G Suite, G Suite Business and Workspace users, and that it will be a feature that will be enabled by default in the app’s settings. The period of time it will take to reach all users is estimated to be around 15 days starting August 23.

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