New York, Ta. 10

There is a disappointing news for Google employees working from home. Employees working from home may be paid less. If Google employees choose to work from home permanently, their pay may be reduced.

There are a variety of experiments going on in the US-based Silicon Valley for office-based workers and home-based workers. Similar experiments have been done before.

According to the news agency, if an employee works from home at Stanford, he will be paid 15 percent less than those who come to work in the office.

Employees living in Seattle, Boston and San Francisco could face a five to ten percent cut in their pay. There is a possibility of a reduction of up to 5 percent in the wages of the employees depending on the location.

The impact of this decision of Google can be felt on other companies as well. Employees have to decide whether they want to be safe at home with low wages or take the risk of going to office to get full salary.

Google paid employees working from home in the early days of Corona. Hence it cannot be said that the company is not able to pay full salary to the employees working from home.