Google Maps will finally win dark mode on iPhone. The search engine company will be adding this feature in the coming weeks, along with some other pretty cool features to share the location in real time. The addition of this feature comes nearly two years since Apple added dark mode support with iOS 13.

Dark mode in Google Maps will arrive in the coming weeks

Google Maps will soon be getting dark mode for iOS, as the company itself has told The Verge and other outlets. It will be a big improvement for those who use the app at night or even in low light situations. The application will thus adapt to the way we have configured on our iPhone.

To activate the mode, just go to the settings and touch the corresponding option. Although there will also be an option to automatically vary with the mode that we have established on the iPhone. A point that will be useful to those who have configured the iPhone to automatically switch between modes.

Apple introduced Dark Mode with iOS 13, which was released to the public in September 2019. Despite apps like Gmail adding dark mode a year ago, Google Maps has taken even longer to adopt it. Of course, you have to keep in mind that dark mode is not just a color change.

Google will add another feature in a future update. With it we can share our location with Google Maps in iMessage, updating it for an hour. The time your location is shared in a conversation can be changed and last up to 3 days. This is all on top of the widgets that Google Maps won a few days ago.