It appears that the “What’s on my screen” pop-up search, which Google Assistant inherited from Now on Tap, indicates that the company has started to replace this feature with Google Lens.

In recent days, the Google Assistant has changed its appearance, displaying a shorter panel with the logo in black and white depending on the theme of the device. Well, another new thing that Google has started testing is the new integration of Google Lens in context search.

“What’s on my screen” replaces Google Lens

Currently, for most users with context search enabled, summoning the Google Assistant on an open app will show us a series of actions, including “What’s on my screen” and “ Screenshot “. By clicking on “What’s on my screen”, the old “Now on Tap” is activated, showing tools with cards with information about the items it recognized at the screen, with links to your website, social networks, etc.

For some users this has changed, and where the “What’s on my screen” option should appear, the “Lens” option appears, which completely changes the behavior of the context search. of the Google Assistant.

Now, with this greater integration of Google Lens, it now allows us to select fragments of texts in the image, do translations or search images to find more information or similar images.

It’s unclear when this new Lens integration with the Google Assistant will be available to all users. As usual, this is a gradual launch, and probably still in testing.

Via | 9to5Google
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