Google has just launched a new Drive app for Windows and macOS that makes it easier to access files we have stored in the cloud. A new desktop application that replaces the tools that the company had until now, such as “Backup and Synchronization” and “Drive File Stream”.

The now downloadable tool, announced by the Mountain View company, is Microsoft’s OneDrive alternative. The objective is to put an end to atomization and to combine in a single application the two tools already mentioned and which were intended for the ordinary user and the business sector.

Two apps in one

Drive for Windows and macOS is now downloadable and has the most important functions that were already in “Backup and Sync” and “Drive File Stream” to which it adds new ones such as the ability to sync content in Google Photos or to synchronize devices connected by USB:

Upload or sync photos and videos to Google Photos and / or Google Drive; Sync external storage devices including flash drives and external hard drives; Copy the files saved in Drive to the desktop for local access.

Google Drive is now transformed into a single application to use from the desktop and thus completes the experience offered by the web version of Google’s cloud storage.

For now, the Google Drive app will coexist “Backup & Sync” and “Drive File Stream” and display notifications allowing users to switch from previous apps to the newer one. From September, it will be necessary to switch to Drive from the other two applications to keep files synchronized on Windows and macOS.

Weighing between 270 and 315 megabytes depending on the platform chosen, the Drive application is downloadable from this link for Windows or this one for macOS.

Via | Google Blog