Google started a new tradition this year with Android versions: two weeks after each beta, it released a patch with bug fixes. So after Android 12 Beta 3 we have Android 12 Beta 3.1, with some bug fixes for the Google Pixels.

This is one of the smaller updates: it takes up less than 3MB and fixes three bugs from the previous beta. For more profound changes, it will be necessary to wait for Android 12 Beta 4, the last beta, in August according to the Google calendar.

Three fixes for Android 12

Previous betas with Android 12 patches were already small fixes, but beta 3.1 takes the cake: downloading takes less than 1MB on a Google Pixel 4a and just under 3MB on a Google Pixel 5.

As always, you can download Android 12 Beta 3.1 straight from your mobile. If you have a Pixel with Android 12 Beta, you can force the OTA update from Settings> System> System update> Check for updates.

This time exactly three problems are fixed, which does not mean that Android 12 Beta 3 is buggy: the list of known errors is quite long. Here are the three fixes included in Android 12 Beta 3.1:

Fixed an issue that caused some devices to crash during a boot cycle after restarting the device

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the system UI to crash

Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Low Memory Killer Android Daemon (lmkd) to over-delete processes.

The next update to Android 12 Beta will take place next August, with the launch of the fourth and final beta. After that will come one or more candidate versions and, later, the final version.

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