Few things love Google as much as making incessant tweaks in Discover, the section of the Google app – and Google Chrome – where news that may be of interest to you is posted, depending on what profile Google has of you and your interests. . It recently changed its design and is now testing the changes with thematic content.

Google Discover has always categorized displayed topics, even though they were largely hidden. In the last test, the topics of each article are displayed under each article and are clickable. Tapping on it opens a page with content focused on that topic.

Discover more themes than ever

Google Discover, sometimes also called Discover, started out as a somewhat haphazard collection of articles that might interest you. Over time and as you show your interest in certain topics, the results will adjust, although otherwise it remains a major medley. If you’re into motorcycles, poodles, and tennis, you’ll see these themes – and more – mixed together in Google Discover in the Google app, Google Chrome, and the Launcher.

The last test gives you a little more control over what you see in Discover. Under each post, related topics appear as hashtags (but without hashtags). The most interesting thing about it is that you can tap on these topics to go to a page that shows news only on that topic.

That is, if a motorcycle news appears in Discover and you press the “motorcycles” pill, the Discover news will be filtered by that topic. A few months ago, we saw a similar test where these topics were displayed as hashtags and weren’t clickable, so this development at least helps us dig deeper into a topic we want to see more content on. , without having to resort to the search engine or dive through the whole list.

As always, this is an active test for a few users who have installed the Google app version 12.28 beta or higher. Having this version doesn’t guarantee that you have the functionality, but just in case, you can get it in APKMirror.

Via | 9to5Google