Businesses know that it’s much harder to convert a free user to a paid user than it is to get a paying user to purchase more services from your catalog. This is why different strategies are designed to get free users to go through the box, and therefore bundle deals are prepared which make resistance difficult.

Apple is well aware of how it works and combines its various services to perfection, and it looks like Google intends to continue on the same path. According to the code of the Google app, which generally anticipates future developments, the North American company is preparing a pack that combines Google One and Google Play Pass, and incidentally saves a few euros for future subscribers.

A small saving if we rent both services at the same time

Google One is the Google service that gives us access to more storage in its associated services. With Google One, we’re becoming paid corporate users, and we’re getting more gigs to use in Gmail, Drive, and Photos. Until now, the service was marketed alone but the apk of one of the betas of the Google app reveals that the company is preparing at least one pack.

The pack will include Google Play Pass in the Google One subscription, giving us a special price if we get both services at the same time, although the price hasn’t transpired. Depending on the code included in the app, we’ll have the option to get Google One and Play Pass at the same time, or add Play Pass to our active Google One subscription, and save money along the way. .

We still don’t know how much Google One and Play Pass will cost together

“Add Play Pass: Combine Google One and Play Pass and save%” or “Add Play Pass to your plan and save%” are the two messages displayed by the code of the Google application and anticipating the Google service plan. The code was revealed via version 1.109 of the Google app which is already released via Google Play.

Al igual que ocurre con el actual plan de subscripción de Google One, el pack que incluya Play Pass también se podrá compartir con el resto de la familia que tengamos configurada en Familia, por lo que todo se hace más interesante si tenemos gamers o niños pequeños at home. Thus, Google will make it a little easier and cheaper for us to obtain both the Google One storage and the Google Play video game subscription offered by Play Pass. We will see if Google is encouraged to add other packs, such as the one that combines YouTube Premium, Google One and Stadia Pro, for example.

Via | 9to5Google