With the Google Pixel 2, the ‘at a glance’ widget was released, which discreetly displayed the date, time and the next calendar event on the home screen. Now, according to its APK, Google is preparing a full renewal for which much more information will be displayed in this widget.

The ‘at a glance’ widget is integrated into the Google Pixel launcher and is available on other mobiles as a Google app widget. Apparently in the future it will show you data like shopping list, connected bluetooth devices or the number of steps you have walked.

More at a glance

The ‘at a glance’ widget arrived four years ago, being somewhat of a smarter version of the typical weather widget. In addition to this, current weather data and the next calendar event have been included.

Its appearance has hardly changed so far, although over time it has acquired more features. Today, you can also view upcoming flight information, recalls, weather alerts, and upcoming alerts from the work profile. Other changes are in the works, as they were able to verify in 9to5Google after analyzing the Android System Intelligence APK

Apparently Google wants to turn this widget into a single place where the most relevant information is displayed at that time, a concept that somehow reminds us of the usual Google Now, but in a much smaller space. Kind of like a single Google Now card.

Among the new features of the widget, there would be a store mode, with access to your shopping list and your loyalty cards saved in Google Pay, when the mobile detects that you are in a supermarket. Or a sport mode, where your recording of a sport activity that you record in a supported app is displayed.

Integration with more apps and services seems to be one of the pillars of this revival, as it will also be integrated with the clock app to show you break time information or with bells smart to show you who’s calling. In addition, it will be able to show you information about connected Bluetooth devices, mobile flashlight and Google security control.

At the moment, it’s unclear whether this news will be exclusive to the Google Pixel or not. The clues are found in Android System Intelligence, which is also used on other Android phones, so it can end up reaching anyone at some point.

Via | 9to5Google