Google is launching a new promotion to encourage new users to subscribe to its streaming video game platform, Google Stadia Pro. In this case, we can enjoy up to three months completely free if we have an active subscription to YouTube Premium, which has a cost of 11.99 euros per month.

Of course, we can activate this offer as long as we have not subscribed to Google Stadia Pro before, that is, it will only be available to new users of the streaming video game platform. Google.

Three months free with YouTube Premium

Usually, this platform offers one month of completely free trial so, thanks to this promotion, we will be able to access two additional months at no additional cost. The most interesting thing is that we can activate this promotion even if we are in the YouTube Premium trial month, so that we can enjoy both services simultaneously without paying anything for the first month.

With this, Google intends to encourage the subscription of new users to its platform, a promotion that we can take advantage of in the following countries: United States, Canada, France, Romania, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Country -Bas, Norway, Poland and United Kingdom.

As they say, the only condition that Google imposes on us is to be subscribed to its YouTube Premium service in addition to not having previously been subscribed to Google Stadia Pro. During the redemption process of this offer it will be necessary to indicate our bank details so that, at the end of our trial period, the payment can be made automatically if we want to continue to enjoy the service.

Once this trial period has passed, the price of Google Stadia is 9.99 euros for each month that the subscription remains active. This offer can be enjoyed in countries where it has been applied until January 31, 2022 and we can use it until February 14, 2022.