The best route between point A and B depends on your priorities: whether you want to get there as soon as possible, whether you want to spend less fuel, whether you opt for green routes, or whether you want to spend less on tolls. This last information, the price of tolls, could soon reach the routes of Google Maps.

Waze, also owned by Google, started adding toll prices a few years ago, although they still don’t appear on Google Maps. Although you are told that the route includes tolls, this does not indicate how much they cost, which could be very helpful for a driver before deciding which route to use.

The price of tolls on Google Maps

Currently you can only choose between yes tolls or no tolls

Currently, Google Maps gives you a choice when calculating a route: either you accept the tolls or you avoid them, but you will never know how much those tolls would cost you. In other words, there is no distinction between a small section that costs a few cents and a route that connects several sections with tolls that amount to tens of euros.

Now, Google appears to be considering adding toll pricing to Google Maps, according to a message sent to members of the Google Maps preview program. The price of tolls, bridges and any other expenses derived from the route would then be included. The idea is that you have the data before you choose the route, so that you can use that data when making the decision.

Unfortunately, nothing is confirmed yet, except that Google is testing the waters through surveys to determine how to implement the feature in the future, if that is feasible. As a reminder, the sister app Waze includes toll prices in Spain, Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Slovenia, United States, Israel, Latvia, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Until then, you still have the binary choice whether or not to accept toll sections on a route. You can change this in the settings of Google Maps or when calculating a route, with the Route options menu.

Via | Android Police