Google already has its own operating system for laptops, Chrome OS, and its own operating system for mobile phones, Android. But the company still lacks some ecosystems when it comes to expanding its plans, and when we talk about desktop systems, we have Windows and MacOS. The first of them will be partly “solved” with Windows 11 and it seems that for the second there are plans.

As we said, Windows will have Android games even if they don’t come directly from the Google Play Store. It will be on Windows 11 and will arrive from the Amazon Appstore thanks to an agreement between the two companies. And according to some leaked plans, it looks like Google is keen to bring its Android games to the Apple desktop, MacOS, and MacBooks as well.

“Games Futures”, Android games for MacOS

The information comes from a leaked Google internal document, a document from October 2020, so we know that at least at that time (we can’t guarantee anything at this time), Google wanted to bring Android games on Apple desktops. The document consists of 70 pages and it appears to be a strictly confidential view that emerged after the end of the lawsuit between Epic and Apple.

Trapped in the documentation presented during the trial, Google’s “Games Futures” document unveils a plan by the company to create “the largest gaming platform in the world” using Google Play Games as a brand. Google’s plan was to create a service that would host games for all types of screens, from mobile phones to desktops, including its Stadia.

This service would also cover Windows and MacOS and would work connected to Google services and under a single universal controller, a video game controller that can be paired with any type of device, including a TV screen. Presumably, this universal remote would be Google Stadia, but this information did not emerge.

Google is reportedly trying with this unified video game platform to host both independent video games and its own or “partially funded” productions, according to one of the slides in the document. Google Play Games would become a “destination for indie games” and also host “the best mobile games on Android”. Something similar to your Google Play Pass but with additions. We’ll see if this plan isn’t dead and is still ongoing, and we can see Google bringing Android games to any connected screen.

Via | The edge