We have very little time left to see the final and stable version of Android 12, but there is still a beta at least before Google releases the final. This change appeared by surprise on the developers’ site. And that could indicate that Android 12 will be ready by the time the Google Pixel 6 is presented.

We’ve been using Android 12 since the first Developers Preview, tinkering with all the news that came to the operating system after successive DPs and betas. From the start, Google set up an update schedule with the different versions along with their approximate date. This timeline is the usual timeline for every new major release of Android, but it’s not common for Google to change it to introduce new beta versions in between. With Android 12, it happened.

From four Android 12 betas we go to five

Above, Android 12 initial timeline; below, calendar recently edited by Google

Google marked out from the start of Developers Preview a timeline with three of these DPs, four beta versions and a final version, a journey that Android 12 has followed to the letter. This tour has been reflected on the beta page on the developer website. Now, and surprisingly, Google has changed the schedule to introduce a fifth beta right before the finale.

The fifth beta version, marked with a blue dot, will be distributed in September, at least initially. Google has not put a date on this version, nor on what will be the final and stable version. The most logical thing is that there isn’t much left for the beta renewal of Android 12, surely with significant changes from the previous beta number four.

To get into the ratings and guesswork, it wouldn’t be strange for Google to distribute beta five this first week of September and reserve the final version for mid-September or late September. It could even be that Google has decided to extend the beta to release stable Android 12 with the Pixel 6, which is expected in October. This is not usual, but it is plausible.

We will walk with the Pixels in hand to update them to this beta five which is close to its distribution. We’ll see what changes Google has implemented and if they really deserve to break the Android 12 release schedule.

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