Google has just released the fourth beta of Android 12, the penultimate beta of Android 12, which means the next Android update is moving into the final stages of its launch, the final version of which is expected to arrive in September. next.

With the launch of Android 12 Beta 4, we are already facing a version very close to the final version which will bring its new user interface, performance improvements and improvements in privacy and security to our devices. In addition, with the fourth beta, Google manages to take an important step.

What’s new in Android 12 beta 4

With Android 12 Beta 4, they manage to achieve the goal called platform stability. This means Android 12 has achieved the latest Behaviors and APIs and NDKs, so nothing will change in future updates.

With Android 12 Beta 4, developers can now adapt their applications to the news and behaviors of Android 12, such as its new camera and microphone switches, the new privacy panel, the new animations when opening applications , or even clipboard read notifications. In addition, from this new beta, developers can now publish their apps and updates adapted to Android 12 so that users with this beta can already test their news.

Google no longer named any news in Android 12 Beta 4, it only limited itself to announcing that they had already achieved the goal of platform stability, but surely in the next hours and days they will find out these little news that we will find in their new interface.

How to update to Android 12 Beta 4

Android 12 Beta 4 is now available for download on the Pixel and on select phones from ASUS, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Sharp and ZTE. To do this, simply go to to check if your mobile is compatible with this new beta.

The Google Pixel updated to Android 12 Beta will only have to go to Settings> System> System Update to upgrade to the fourth beta. The update weighs around 260-320MB depending on the device.

In a few weeks will arrive the last beta of Android 12, with the launch of a candidate version as a preliminary step to the launch of the final version, which if nothing happens will happen next September.

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