With Android 12 just around the corner, we see how Google Contacts is updated to enable the new Material You interface in its app on all devices updated to Android 12 Beta, and this the same day the Contacts app hits a milestone in the Play Store.

Google Contacts for Android surpassed 1 billion downloads **, achieving over 500 million downloads in less than a year. This accelerated growth is due to the fact that more and more devices are coming out of the factory with the Google Contacts app, which stands out for its synchronization in the cloud.

This is Google Contacts with the material you

The new Material You interface is distinguished by its new “dynamic color” theme, a novelty that adapts the interface colors to the wallpaper of our device, Google Contacts being the first application to be officially updated to take effect. supports this feature of Android 12.

With Material You, the color of the search bar, action button, navigation menu and other interface elements will change color depending on our wallpaper and device theme. It also adds a new animation to its icon which will appear when we open the app.

This Google Contacts overhaul is already reflected in the promotional screenshots in your Google Play file, but the new interface that changes color depending on the wallpaper will only appear on Android 12. On Android 11 or lower, it will continue with a fixed color.

Google is adapting more apps to support the new ‘Material You’ interface for the launch of Android 12, a version that will arrive in a few weeks officially and stable in the first devices. Gboard Beta also supports ‘Material You’ just like Chrome Canary.

Via | 9to5Google | Android Police