When Google introduced Wear OS 3 last May as a new unified platform, a very important question remained unanswered: will they update Wear OS 2.0 watches to Wear OS 3? Well, we finally have an answer.

Google has already decided what to do with the current Wear OS watches that are on sale in the market, confirming that Wear OS 3 will reach the previous generation, also informing how and when the expected update will arrive.

Wear OS 3 for the previous generation

Google reports that they will be bringing Wear OS 3 to the previous generation of smartwatches to bring many new experiences to current models, but specifies that in some limited cases user experience could be affected, without giving further details.

Due to the extent of the changes introduced in Wear OS 3 during installation, the watch data will be restored at the factory, so after installation all data will have been deleted and you will need to reconfigure the watch. . For this reason, the update will be optional. User can decide to continue with Wear OS 2.0 or upgrade to Wear OS 3.

Google expects its partners to be able to roll out the Wear OS 3 update from the second half of 2022, which means existing watches won’t be updated to the new version for a year. Wear OS 3 for new models is slated for release later this year.

Wear OS devices that will be eligible to switch to Wear OS include the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, TicWatch Pro 3 LTE and TicWatch E3 models as well as the new generation of Fossil Group devices (owned by Google) launched later this year. . Manufacturers are expected to confirm other models in the coming weeks.

For watches that won’t update to Wear OS 3, Google reports that they will continue to update other Wear OS watches with more improvements, such as recent updates from Gboard and the Google Play Store. .

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