The Tokyo 2020 Olympics are just around the corner, and while the cancellation rumors are still around, there is one place you can enjoy it yes or yes, in Google Chrome’s dinosaur minigame.

Google has added a fun Easter egg to this mini-game where instead of jumping cacti non-stop, the most famous jumping dinosaur of all time dares various Olympic disciplines: horseback riding, hurdles or gymnastics.

Go for gold with Dino Run

Dino Run is the minigame that appears in Google Chrome when you lose your internet connection, although you can open it whenever you are bored by typing chrome: // dino in the Google Chrome address bar.

Traditionally, Dino Run is a very simple game in which the objective is to jump over obstacles – mainly cacti – with precision and with increasing difficulty. On the occasion of the Olympics, the mini-game adds new Olympic disciplines to its arsenal. It all starts with collecting the Olympic torch.

If instead of jumping on the torch you step on it, an Olympic sport-based version of the mini-game will kick off: artistic gymnastics, horseback riding, obstacle courses, surfing. Each of these sports changes the background, the dinosaur and what you need to jump, in some cases with a slight also in the mechanics of the game, although not by much. If you want to change the sport, you must refresh the page and take up the torch: the choice is random:

No matter what sport our dinosaur faces, the goal will always be the same: to jump over obstacles to achieve the highest score possible. The more obstacles you climb, the faster the speed increases. The mini-game is available in Google Chrome for mobile and PC.

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Via | 9to5Google