One of the new things in Android 12 that we were able to test out starting with beta 3 were scroll captures, the same ones that Google said were impossible a few years ago. The Android 12 system performs very well, although it is not supported by all apps including Google Chrome.

It will change. According to a commit in Google Chrome code found by XDA, Google is implementing support for the Android 12 scroll capture API, which will allow us to capture entire web screens including scrolling.

Scrolling screenshots are coming to Google Chrome

Scroll captures are not new. This is a feature that many manufacturers have added to their customization layers for many years. In mobiles where the option does not exist, you can still use third party applications such as LongScreenshot.

There are two new features in Android 12. First, that the function is integrated directly into the operating system. The second, the way it works internally: instead of being something like multiple linked captures at best, which often results in repeated elements and visual errors, the Android 12 system interacts with apps on a deeper level. , with the views that lead to the application.

Scrolling captures on Android 12

The result is much more precise scroll planes, with fewer errors and the ability to precisely crop the part you want to record. The bad news is that they aren’t available in all apps. Without going any further, the option does not appear when taking a screenshot of an open webpage in Google Chrome.

This is where the latest Chromium commit comes in, which is as precise as “adding Android S scroll capture API support.” That is, Google Chrome will be ready to take scrolling captures of the webpage you have opened, as long as you are using it on Android 12.

Mind you, it still remains to be seen whether that will be in time before Android 12 launches. The final version of Android 12 could arrive any time in August or September, while work on Google Chrome appears to have started recently. With that in mind, Chrome scroll captures may come a bit later.

Via | XDA