From Android Nougat, it is possible to open two pages at the same time with Google Chrome by taking advantage of the Android split screen function. Google is working on an even more powerful improvement, thanks to which you can open multiple Google Chrome windows on Android.

For now, the ability to open multiple instances of Google Chrome is available in the Dev and Canary versions of Google Chrome on Android 12, although it’s predictable that it will eventually reach the official version. With this new feature, it will be possible to open up to five different instances of Google Chrome, each appearing in the recent view.

Best multitasking for Google Chrome

Google is working on improving the productivity of Google Chrome, allowing you to open different windows, much like it does on the desktop. This is something that can be done in a way from Android Nougat, but in a very limited way.

The main difference is that the Move to another window option, already present for a few years when using Android split screen, only moves the current tab. You can open two web pages at the same time, but one of them is just a specific tab: you can’t open more tabs on it.

This changes with the new multi-instance mode, which can already be tested in Android 12 with development versions of Google Chrome, after enabling the Chrome Flag # instance-switcher. With this mode active, the New Window option appears in the context menu of the Google Chrome menu, as long as the split screen is active.

This creates another separate copy of Google Chrome, which can have as many tabs open as you want and appear separately in Android’s Recent view, even if you’ve already closed split screen mode.

Basic management of these open windows is also included in the context menu of Google Chrome. With Manage Windows you can show and close open windows, while with Move to Another Window you can send the current tab to another instance of Google Chrome. At the moment, it is possible to create up to five instances of Google Chrome.

Via | XDA