New Delhi: There is a greater risk for users using the Internet than for the Google Chrome browser. The Indian Computer Emergency Team (CERT-IN) of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has given a high rating to this threat by issuing a warning to all Google Chrome users.

According to him, the growing fear has been recognized in Google Chrome. This allows hackers to easily spoof the target system whenever they want.

Using these flaws of Google Chrome, hackers can harm any user. CERT-E said that such risk entry in Google Chrome includes browsing, screen play, screen capture, thumbnail tab strip, web search, reader mode, window dialog, payment, extension as well as in hip buffer overflow angles and incorrect Ways include turning on full screen. mode. it happens.

This vulnerability exists in earlier versions of Google Chrome version 2.0. The good news is that Google has released a new version of Chrome to eliminate this risk. Google recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome.