The main purpose of Google Chrome Canary is to test things before they reach all users. Two of these tests refresh the look of two of its sections: downloads and bookmarks.

In addition to setting the stage for Material You, other design changes are coming to Google Chrome. Bookmarks increase in size, while downloads are displayed in a floating notice, rather than at the bottom of Google Chrome.

Redesign of markers

The new layout of the markers (left) and the old one (right)

In Android 12, some interface elements are increased in size to make them more readable, and it looks like Google Chrome could follow the same path. In the redesign that can already be tested in Google Chrome Canary, the size of the bookmark preview is much larger, also adopting the shape of a square with rounded edges.

This change is already present in Chrome Canary, although it is not active at the factory. If you want to try it, you need to activate the Chrome Flag # bookmarks-refresh, the description of which is “activate visual bookmarks refresh”. With the name, it feels more like a preview than an experience, although that could all change before we reach the final version.

Redesign of downloads

The new design (left) and the old (right)

On the other hand, Google Chrome Canary can also give your downloads a lick of paint. The main change here is that instead of showing all the information like in a panel at the bottom of the interface, it is displayed in a window.

If you’ve already started downloading something and didn’t even notice progress showing at the bottom of Google Chrome, this overhaul will keep you from going unnoticed. Messages are literally displayed in the middle of the screen and the download progress floats to the top.

The new design (left) and the old (right)

The download progress is much more visible and you can drag it aside so that it stops showing. This change is also not active from the factory, but you will need to enable the Chrome Flag # download-progress-message and restart Chrome Canary to access the new design.

Chrome Canary (unstable)

Via | XDA