Google Chrome’s grouped tabs have been around for a few years now, although not everyone is happy with this feature. Even less, when for a few months it is no longer possible to disable the grouping of tabs even by adjusting a Chrome Flag. In return, Google announced two tests related to the bundling of tabs that are now available in the beta of Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome support page has been filled with many requests so that tab grouping can be disabled. This, for now, doesn’t appear to be coming, but Google has instead announced two experimental changes, including a menu to open in a new tab (without grouping).

Less clustering in Google Chrome

If you don’t like tab grouping in Google Chrome for Android, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that right now there is still no way to turn it off completely. The good news is that Google is testing two new features to reduce grouping and give you more control over when a tab is grouped.

This was reported by Google on its support page, advising that user comments have been heard and that they are undergoing changes in how tab groups work. The first of these, links that open in a new tab will not automatically be added to the group, as was the case until now.

The context menu of a link in Chrome stable (left) and in Chrome Beta (right)

In contrast, a link’s context menu – the one that appears when you long-press a link – will give you the option of opening the link in a new tab or in a new tab in the group, depending on which option you choose. . In the stable version of Google Chrome, the only option that appears is to open a new tab in a group.

These two experiences are already available in Google Chrome Beta, although they are not enabled with Chrome Flags, but on the server side. For this reason, Google advises that if this is your first time installing the beta version of Google Chrome, you will need to leave the app open for about five minutes and close and reopen it for these two changes to take effect. It remains to be seen if these experiments will reach the official version soon.

Chrome beta

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