If you are one of those who open many tabs in the browser, this new feature of Google Chrome interests you. Soon it will ask you for confirmation before closing all open tabs, which is already active in the Canary version of the browser.

Ahead, it will be quite difficult to close all open tabs by mistake, as before, you will see a confirmation window asking if you want to close all tabs and potentially lose all unsaved data.

Confirm to close

In Google Chrome, you can open countless tabs and manage them by pressing the button on the top bar. From the tab preview menu, you can close all tabs at once, without having to go through them one by one.

In the current version of Google Chrome, when you use this option, all your tabs disappear without any confirmation, which can be catastrophic. It is true that you still have a second chance to recover them by pressing Cancel at the bottom for a few seconds, but in the future it will be even more difficult.

From Google Chrome Canary, the browser will ask for confirmation before closing all open tabs, so it will be quite difficult for you to close them by mistake. If you decide to close them, you always have the possibility to cancel the closing for a few seconds.

This setting is a Chrome flag named #close-all-tabs-modal-dialog, although it looks like the default setting is enabled. That is, you can always use the Chrome flag to turn it off, if you’d rather it wasn’t there. Being in Chrome Canary, it is expected to hit the official Google Chrome release within the next few weeks.

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