The latest version of Google Camera Go, number 2.5, has been adapted for other Android mobiles with functions such as portrait or night mode; in addition to including the famous Google treatment. You can download it and try it on your phone, its compatibility is very wide.

Google has decided to include the popular Pixel capture app on Android Go phones. Logically, reducing the capacity of the phones means reducing the functionality of the app, but the GCam Go, the modified version, is a good alternative. to the photography application included in the vast majority of Android. Do you want to try it? It’s very simple, you only need the APK.

Google Camera Go 2.5 changed by Greatness

The Greatness modder is well known in the Google camera mod scene. Their versions usually include functions added to GCam itself while improving its compatibility. And it not only modifies the Pixel capture app but also the one included in some Android Go phones.

The GCam Go is much more limited in options than the Google Camera included in the Pixel, you have to take that into account. In return, their compatibility increases significantly. And it doesn’t do without advanced features, such as HDR, portrait mode, and night mode. In addition, the image processing is supported by the hard work that Google knows how to do (still without reaching the average quality of the Pixel, it must be emphasized).

The latest version of Greatness brings GCam Go version 2.5 to a number of Android phones. In principle, it should be compatible with most phones, always with the downside that there will be mobiles where it won’t work (or in which all options are not executed, especially portrait mode).

The Google Go camera in version 2.5, and modified by Greatness, is available on Celso Azevedo’s page. There are three versions to choose from in order to maximize the compatibility of the modified application: normal or light; the “camerago”, which extends compatibility, and the “NoAux”, a version suitable for those Android who cannot run any of the previous GCams.

We tested this Google camera in its Go version and the results were quite good. Quite sharp photos, portrait mode option with more than acceptable cropping, night mode capable of saving light even from semi-darkness and a reduced range of options where the good treatment of Google stands out. This is not a bad option if you want to have a second photography app on your phone to combine with the app that comes standard.

Via | Celso azevedo