A lot of things on Android are a huge problem, and backups are no exception. Depending on which version of Android and which layer you have, the system works differently, although it looks like Google is planning to start unifying these backups under the same section in settings.

From Android settings, you can access Google Drive Backup, while with the Google One app, you can also create backups and include more items, such as multimedia messages. Now Google is rearranging the backup menu in Android settings to be equivalent to the one that appears on Google One.

New menu for saving

Google is starting to clean up Android backups. The problem is that the menu that is built into the system does not match the options available in Google One backups, available as an additional app.

In Android settings, you can make a copy that includes app data, SMS messages, settings, call history, contacts, and photos and videos, while in Google One backup there are the same as well as MMS messages. This, taking into account that both backup copies end with the same output: storage in your Google account.

The “old” save menu in the settings

Google has decided to clean up the matter, so it’s replacing the backup section in Android settings with Google One Backup. This place will unify all Android backup options, allowing you to view your backups and make adjustments to them without having to use the Google One app. There is no need to pay for Google One storage space.

The new menu

According to 9to5Google, this change will start to hit mobile phones with Android 8.0 or higher in the coming weeks, replacing the previous backup menu. Likewise, you can continue to use the Google One app to perform the same settings or backup as before.

Via | Android Police