So far, for all Wear OS watches, they should come standard with the Google Assistant, but that should change with the new unified platform from Google and Samsung.

With Wear OS 3, it looks like the user and / or manufacturer will have the freedom to install alternative wizards, at least that’s what the source code for the latest version of the Wear OS app says.

Alternative assistants in Wear OS

References to a package name called “” were found in the source code of the Wear OS app, which would mean that Wear OS 3 would support alternative assistants.

It looks like Google will fully open Wear OS to allow manufacturers to implement other voice assistants, and possibly allow users to select their preferred voice assistant on their watch. For example, Samsung can add Bixby to its new Galaxy Watch 4, as leaked a few days ago, or users can add Alexa to their watches.

To dispel any doubt, we will have to wait for the presentation of Wear OS 3, the launch of which should arrive in the rest of the year with the next Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, whose watches will be the first to release the new operating system for portable devices. Google.

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