The fundamental purpose of the technology is none other than to make our daily tasks easier, and that is what the new function that is coming to all users of Google Home and all compatible devices is all about. This is the possibility of programming the start of routines.

Google Home routines are a method of automating actions. That way, you can set up your own voice commands in the wizard and choose what you want it to do or say when you perform them. Until now, we’ve had the ability to perform tasks with a single command, both manually and through scheduled routines, so Google Home has priority over something we normally do manually. Now these routines can also be programmed.

From a minute to an hour

One improvement it provides is to establish a schedule so that a command or device does not start functioning as soon as the routine is performed. Imagine, for example, that a washing machine does not start until we have left the house so as not to disturb or that the lights go out 2 hours after you leave the house.

Now, the “Delayed Start” routines allow you to set delays ranging from one minute as the shortest possible time to hours of delay. Simply change the time available on the card when you schedule the routine.

The arrival of “Delayed Start” in routines ** coincides with the launch of “Assistant Daylong Routines” v, a system that allows you to program a series of routines (regardless of type) to be performed throughout the day.

To add a routine in the wizard, all you have to do is open the Google Home application and look for an icon with the title “Routines” on which we will click to have access to all the options. There are routines for different times of the day, for when we come home, for when we leave home …

At this point we have to click on “Start routines in” **, where we have to choose the device to which we are going to give the command, and then choose the routines we want to activate or create our own. Whether one way or another, we have a huge number of options to activate the routine and customize it to our liking.

If you have already activated, you will find this function when editing a routine in the wizard, in the path of “Assistant parameters” and “Routines”, by touching an existing routine or by creating a new one. new), although it does not appear in all cases. If it’s available, you’ll see it at the bottom under the “Time Settings” category.

The “Delay Start” and “Assistant Daylong Routines” have started to roll out, so this may not be reflected on your device yet.

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