The connected doorbells market ** has a new member in Spain such as Nest Doorbellhttps: //, a proposal from Google which is already sold in our country and which is in addition to the rest of the products that Google already sells under the Nest brand, such as cameras and smart speakers.

One of the products with the Made By Google seal that stands out for offering an integrated battery, which facilitates installation without cables, and to allow remote control thanks to the integration with Google Assistant and the wireless connectivity as it is compatible with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi dedes.

Image with HDR and 30 fps

The Nest Doorbell is a doorbell with a camera. This means that it is able to record what is happening on the other side of the door, generating 30fps video at 960x 1280 pixels in a 3: 4 aspect ratio, also being compatible with night vision in a 3 meter field and HDR image.

The Nest Doorbell has an activity detection system capable of recording what is happening in a 145-degree field of view thanks to the fact that it incorporates a PIR sensor for movement and proximity as well as a magnetometer . With a machine learning system, it is able to recognize people, vehicles, animals and packages.

With all this data and thanks to the software it includes, it is able to generate alerts to the user if someone knocks on the door and is able to distinguish whether it is a delivery person or, for example, example, of an accidental call. In addition, it records what happened for a period of three hours, so that we can see in advance what happened outside our door. You can also rent Nest Aware, which can reach what it logs in thirty or sixty days (depending on the plan you choose).

The Nest Doorbell measures 46 x 24.1 x 160 millimeters, is IP54 certified, making it water and dust resistant, resistant to temperatures up to 40 degrees. It incorporates a 6 Ah rechargeable battery. The available wiring can also be used to install the indoor doorbell and recharge the battery. La autonomía es de proximadamente 1 mes de duración de la batería con 25-30 eventos registrados por día, of 2.5 meses if used between 13-16 veces al día o de casi 6 meses de duración con 2 to 5 eventos registrados por day.

Pricing and availability

The Google Nest Doorbell can now be purchased from the Google store in Spain for € 199.99.

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