Although Chrome is the most popular Internet browser on Android and the one that makes all the headlines, the truth is that its competition is advancing at a good pace and there are options, such as the Samsung Internet owned by the Koreans. (and that any Android can install from the Play Store), more than solvents to replace. Samsung’s new browser beta has just arrived, in fact, and it brings some interesting news.

In any case, we are talking about the Samsung Internet 16 Beta version of the Korean browser, installed on the brand’s own phones. In the news battery already present in its beta, we find improvements in the search bar, privacy and in the web engine of the browser itself, which now adopts Chromium M92.

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Goodbye pixel-based tracking

As we said, Samsung Internet 16 Beta improves the search experience from the browser bar itself, as improved results are now offered. But not only that, since the browser also improves the search between the bookmarks that we have archived in the browser and in the browsing history itself, making it more comfortable to enter text in this bar.

To this search bar are also added certain widgets such as the weather one, the results of which are integrated into the results when one wants to know the weather forecast for a certain city or a certain country. But the improvements of Samsung Internet 16 Beta do not stop there since the zoom appears on the pages in the accessibility options of the browser. Now we can make the text and interface bigger on all the websites even if they don’t support zooming by their own configuration.

Samsung Internet 16 Beta has also updated the web engine, which is now Chromium M92, to add support for the latest web functions released in the engine. But on top of all that, the browser improves privacy by allowing it to block image-based trackers, such as the classic tracking pixels built into some web pages. From now on, the browser will be able to block these pixels so as not to leave a trace of our visit.

Via | Sammobile