Little by little, we’re solving some of the unknowns that have arisen with the redesign of the upcoming MacBook Air with M2 chip. LeaksApplePro has obtained drawings in CAD format which show us the proportions of the computer, which in general terms confirm past rumors and also provide some details.

White keyboard, pastel colors and no notch

Sorry for the delay.
Here you have them.
The CAD files of the MacBook Air M2.
Here is what it will look like.
Available for download for everyone, you just need a CAD viewer.
We will publish renderings soon.

– LeaksApplePro (@LeaksApplePro) November 22, 2021

As can be seen from these early images, the MacBook Air M2 would ditch its teardrop design and become completely upright. Interestingly, it makes it look a bit like the slim MacBook Pros we left behind.

This is what they will look like on our side.
Expect more details soon at @iDropNews

– LeaksApplePro (@LeaksApplePro) November 22, 2021

If we add the colors, we see a MacBook Air that looks like an iMac M1: pastel tones and a white frame that does not inherit the notch that we saw on MacBook Pro with chip M1 Pro and M1 Max (and which contrasts with other rumors that affirm it). The keyboard also turns white, and you can see a button with Touch ID.

The plans also provide information on the ports that this new MacBook Air M2 will carry: two Thunderbolt USB-C (one on each side), a headphone jack port and the inclusion of MagSafe 3. The latter should also be able to allow the arrival of load. fast.

This new M2 MacBook Air chip should arrive next spring, or at the latest in June with WWDC22. Over the weeks, more details will become known … if the leakers manage to bypass Apple’s increasingly high security.