Google’s death record adds a new grave to the graveyard: the Wear OS app for Slides has died. This application allowed to rotate the slides from the screen of the smartwatch; as well as view a counter with the time elapsed during the presentation.

Google continually develops new apps, updates most of them, and others, unfortunately, leave their place among the living to settle in Google’s ever-widening graveyard. Sometimes because the service they rely on ends up shutting down; others because apps get a new version, destroying the old one. Sometimes Google suddenly kills apps that are still useful. As is the case that concerns us.

Farewell to the remote control in the presentation clock

Google Slides on WearOS. Screenshots of Android Police

Google Presentations for Wear OS, the version of the app made specifically for smartwatches, disappeared from the Google Play Store without a trace. Google hasn’t released a replacement that makes up for the lack of the app either: if you need the remote on the watch, you’ll have to find alternatives. Samsung PPT Controller is one of them, at least for the Galaxy Watch 4.

9to5Google discovered the aforementioned absence of the overview app for Wear OS watches. After a few discontinuations in recent months, during which it accumulated complaints from users, Google Slides is abandoning its version for watches with a final update on January 6, 2022. This is reflected in APK Mirror.

The application has been a great help for those who give presentations and do not want to depend on the computer or the phone to browse the slides: from the clock it is more comfortable. And that’s an example of how easily Google terminates software that’s still in use: its graveyard keeps growing.

The application can still be installed by downloading the APK: for the moment, this should not cause problems when using it. The last update is dated January 6, 2022.

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