Those who wish to access the benefits of the Clubhouse no longer have to wait for an invitation: the social network of audio rooms has just opened its platform to anyone wishing to create an account. Goodbye the main gate to access the Clubhouse.

Few social networks have been as influential as Clubhouse recently. After a timid release on iOS, and a popularity favored by word of mouth, the audio rooms so characteristic of the platform have finally spread from Twitter to Facebook. Clubhouse’s restricted access favored copies, especially since it was only on iOS. And, after the Android restriction disappeared, now the invitations are gone.

They no longer have to invite you to use the Clubhouse

Left, Clubhouse cover when invitation was required; on the right, current cover open to all

The system of invitations to access the benefits of an application is not exactly new, as giants like Gmail were born, precisely, with this system. Each person who enters with an invitation earns tickets to share as long as they remain in the ward; thus broadening its use with your contacts while offering a certain halo of exclusivity.

Clubhouse has maintained a significant restriction on its potential users, even after gaining popularity and after more than a year of activity. The company assured that in the summer the invitation system would be removed to provide access to new users, and that limit has ended. This was communicated by the Clubhouse itself.

The process of opening a new Clubhouse account has been made much easier by simply doing the following:

Download the app on your phone. It is available in an open (and stable) way on Google Play. Open the installed app and enter your phone number. Clubhouse uses this number to confirm the account and also to search for contacts already on the platform. Enter the code you received by SMS and choose a username. Select who to follow from your contacts and you’re done: you are now inside the Clubhouse.

The service took the opportunity to renew its image by creating a new logo. In addition, he communicated some recent figures which testify to its growth: Clubhouse gained 10 million users after its release on Android, even with the limited system of invitations; and over 90 million direct messages have been sent since messaging launched on July 15.

That the Clubhouse is finally removing the burden of invitations is great news for anyone who wanted to try it out and didn’t have any friends inside already. It remains to be seen if it will continue to grow into a leading social network, especially after the competition has included audio rooms among its functions.

Clubhouse: the social audio app