Global Pipe Insulation Market 2021 | Analysis by SWOT, Investment, Future Growth and Top Key Players like-Covestro, BASF, Knauf Insulation, Johns Manville, Huntsman, Saint-Gobain

Global Pipe Insulation Market was valued at USD 8.5 billion in 2019 which is expected to reach USD 13.3 billion by 2027 at a CAGR 4.2%.

The report on Global Pipe Insulation Market details key dynamics of the market. The report has been generated, based on an exhaustive study by our proficient analysts. The scope of the report on the Global Pipe Insulation Market range from the year 2020 to 2027. The overall report has been carefully designed, for our clients to comprehend the market’s insights easily. There are six sections of the Global Pipe Insulation Market report. The report modules are; a market overview, a segmental study of the market, regional analysis, important vendors operating in the market, and news updated for the Global Pipe Insulation Market.

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Pipe insulation is a protective covering to pipes and it is used to limit heat gain or loss from surfaces operating at temperatures below or above the surrounding temperature. Insulation is a process of insulating pipes with a combination of materials which provides protection to pipes. It also prevents heat loss and heat gain from pipe surface and help them maintain temperature.

Market Drivers

Rise in demand for insulation across various industries to enhance the efficiency of the industrial processes operating at extreme temperatures is the key driving factor which is expected to drive the global pipe insulation market growth. Insulation helps in reduce heat loss, cut down CO2 emissions, and improving energy efficiency. In addition to that, it provides frost protection to pipelines at a low temperature which increase the demand for pipe insulation across various sectors like oil & gas, industrial, residential, and electric power will have the positive impact on global pipe insulation market growth.

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However, fluctuations in raw material prices are the major challenging factor which expected to hamper the global pipe insulation market growth.

The regional distribution of the Global Pipe Insulation Market is also covered in the report, and detailed analysis are provided for the market’s segment in each major region. The regional markets are discussed to give players clear idea of where each region is soaring & what needs attention in specific markets. Region-specific strategies as well as product formulations can be based on this detailed analysis, as the factors making the market tick in particular regions are analysed in the report, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the Global Pipe Insulation Market.

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Market Segmentation

Global Pipe Insulation Market is segmented into material such as Elastomeric Foam, Fiberglass, Polyurethane & Polyisocyanurate Foam, Cellular Glass, and Others. Further, Global Pipe Insulation Market is segmented into application such as Industrial, District Energy System, and Building & Construction.

Also, Global Pipe Insulation Market is segmented into five regions such as North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa.

Market Key Players

Various key players are discussed in this report such as

  • Covestro,
  • BASF,
  • Knauf Insulation,
  • Johns Manville,
  • Huntsman,
  • Saint-Gobain,
  • Owens Corning,
  • Kingspan,
  • Armacell, and
  • Rockwool.

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